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Pallets from ZS


  • New Euro-Pallets
  • 1. Choice of Euro-Pallets
  • MFH high bay capable Euro-Pallets with machine capability
  • 2. Choice of Euro-Pallets
  • Defective Euro-Pallets
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One-way pallets

  • Purchase one-way pallets
  • Exchange one-way pallets
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CP pallets

  • Purchase CP pallets
  • Exchange CP pallets
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Düsseldorf pallets

  • Purchase Düsseldorf pallets
  • Exchange Düsseldorf pallets
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Pallet stacking frames

  • Purchase pallet stacking frames
  • Exchange pallet stacking frames
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H1 pallets

  • Purchase H1 pallets
  • Exchange H1 pallets
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E1 crates

  • Purchase E1 crates
  • Exchange E1 crates
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E2 crates

  • Purchase E2 crates
  • Exchange E2 crates
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Special load carrier L1

  • Purchase special load carrier L1
  • Exchange special load carrier L1
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